Verbal Kink


Verbal Kink are:
Luke Dunstan ~ Guitar & Vocals ~
Andy Douglas ~ Guitar & Vocals~
Justin Windle ~ Drums (and Bass)~
Olly Brown ~ Bass ~

Mark Thompson ~ Drums~
Tom Dawson ~ Bass~

We first came across Verbal Kink at the Riverside Festival in 2002 when Andy gave us a copy of their first demo. We gave the tape a few listens and both grew to really like it, there was something about this band despite the terrible song titles! We wanted to see if the band had it live though, however they had never played a gig! So we went to see the band in their rehearsal room in Luke's garage. We really liked what we heard. On the 21st August 2002 we headed down to The Cellar Oxford to catch the band live, the gig was a loud grunge like wall of distortion and screaming! At the end of the show the drummer Mark decided to dive straight into his drum kit head first, blood pouring out of his head, being the only adults in the room we escorted him to A&E! This was our first introduction to the world of Verbal Kink.

Following the A&E trip we decided this was not a band for Quickfix Recordings. However the band were persistant turning up at Quickfix head quarters on a regular basis asking for us to manage the band or to release a record or to get them gigs. In the end we were persuaded to give Verbal Kink a chance. What followed was the creation of Quickfix's grunge answer to Factory Record's Happy Mondays, we pledged allegiance to each other and Quickfix took over the mangement side of Verbal Kink too. .

After just over a year of cutting their fiercely sharp teeth on the Oxford gig circuit (supporting the likes of Mclusky, Johnny Truant and The Revs plus a storming set at Charlbury Riverside Festival), Verbal Kink came exploding out of the apathy-inducing, narrow-minded confines of the backwater villages of Oxfordshire with their storming debut album ‘Day of the Syphons', this was soon followed by their E.P release also on Quickfix Recordings 'To The Rats'. By the time their E.P was released the band had picked up a loyal fan base who were inspired by their punk rock attitude, Verbal Kink were not prepared to play in tune for anyone, Verbal Kink were not going to be polite to anyone just to win support, Verbal Kink were Verbal Kink and you had to take them as they came.

After many trips to A&E, many exhilarating gigs Verbal Kink and Quickfix parted ways in 2004.

So Where Are They Now?

Luke plays guitar in Brighton based Jungfrau and indie psychedelic band Perch
Justin runs SoulWire website
Olly plays in Coma Wall Drore and previously Undersmile