At Risk


At Risk are:
Cat ~Vocals ~
Dave ~ Drums ~
George ~ Guitar ~
Pete ~ Guitar ~
Jimmy ~ Bass ~

Once upon a time, in the shadowy, more seductive corners of England's seat of learning, in the winter of discontent (2003), out of a mutual love of the Cure, Placebo, Garbage, a hefty dose of sexual deviancy and the odd splash of baby oil, At Risk was conceived. Illegitimately. After just a few fervent live explorations, they made 'The First Touch EP', their virgin recordings, with Quickfix Recordings producer Lee Christian (The Rock of Travolta, Meanwhile Back in Communist Russia). This demo quickly gained them a great reputation as the city's newest and best purveyors of dark, melodic, serrated pop rock ("Killing Beauty" was one of the highlights of that season's compilation) and a strong following through local radio and rock club airplay.

The next year was spent honing their live act - supporting the likes of Kasabian, Chikinki, King Adora and The Glitterati - and cohesifying their sound through a wealth of new material, the best of which were lovingly recorded in the start of 2005 and released on Quickfix Recordings as an E.P called 'Faith In Fairytales'.

“Oxford's premiere goth-rockers.” –BBC Oxford

"Singer Cat has the looks of a 1930's Hollywood starlet and one of those wonderfully bored-sounding vocals that can rest undisturbed amid the most turbulent of sonic storms." - Nightshift

So where are they now?

Cat is now in The Courtsey Kill check them out here