Baby Gravy


Baby Gravy are:
Adem ~Bass/Keyboard ~
Cecilia ~Saxophone/Vocals ~
Dave ~Bass
Fred ~ Keyboard ~
Iona ~ Vocals ~
Zahra ~ Drums/Vocals~

Having worked with Harlette on our under 18 cd, we were keen to work with the singer's next band Baby Gravy. Take a huge dollop of phat beats, provided by Oxford’s most in demand female drummer Zahra Tehrani (Where I'm Calling From and The Prohibition Smoker's Club). Then like any good trifle, add two tasty basses, Adam Whitley and David Tehrani, soak in Cecilia White's sumptuous sax, and then sprinkle with psychedelic sci-fi synthesizer courtesy of Fred Mason (also Keyboard Choir). All of this provided by some of the City’s most promising young talent, perhaps none more so than spell-binding chanteuse Iona Roisin (ex of riot teen queens Harlette) providing the proverbial cherry on-the-top.

“Baby Gravy are, as the playground/porno slang of their moniker suggests, a provocative coupling of the disarmingly childlike and the downright filthy.” – Nightshift (who featured the band on the cover of there January 'ones to watch for 2007' issue).