Jennie Matthias


Warriors come in many forms. If Jennie Matthias had been from the fabled island of Themyscira, she would be most likely known as an Amazon. Her powers though, were forged at the dawn of the 80’s in the London music scene that sprung from the ashes of Punk and laid the foundation (pun intended) for the New Romantics. Fronting pioneering girl group, The Belle Stars, Jennie’s formidable presence and unmistakable tones made their impression everywhere from legendary BBC staple Top Of The
Pops to MTV at the very start of music video boom. In just a few years they had a top 20 debut album on legendary Stiff Records and racked up hit singles like the smash hits Sign Of The Times, Iko Iko (featured in the classic film Rain Man) and The Clapping Song (which it transpires Quickfix A&R sang as a kid riding a BMX around the council estates of Woking!) Since then Jennie has been on a one woman mission: Author (Surviving The Storm; not a biography as one might expect, but a self-help manual), Activist (She has spent years working with Food For All), Fashionista (Shows in Ronnie Woods Miami Club & boutique Dredd Experience in London’s West End). Plus, of course, recording and performing Musical Artist - leaving almost no stylistic stone unturned and collaborating with Randy Jackson, Members of Madness and Special AKA, Pigface, The Gonads, The Jam and more! She’s also enjoyed long musical partnerships with Bad Manners guitarist Nick Welsh and the whole On U Sound Crew (including vocals for Mark Stewart & Gary Clail).
Photos by Paul Cockcroft (used with kind permission)