Someday Now


Track Listing: 

Supa Highway
Edges Fray
Oneday Someday
Intoxication (SSCP - Exquisite Corpse Remix)

Release Date: 

Friday, January 4, 2002

Catalogue Number: 


Debut release on Quickfix Recordings, not only was this a first release for Caliber but it was the debut for the label too.
Recorded by Lee Christian.

"Fuzzy, fizzing, puppy-soft grunge pop that casts one ear back to hellfire she-devils L7 and more recent, punk-pop bands like Angelica, and the other ear to more understated post-grunge bands like Sunna." Nightshift

"Each time Suzie Grange (guitar and vocals) and Olivia Luce (bass and vocals) open to sing another harmony, a feeling of deep emotion comes out and almost makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up. The lyrics are great, and come across well through the vocalists... Caliber's show is compact and incredibly tight, the songs are brilliant on the whole, and everyone is smiling....What more could we ask?" - Live Review on, March 2002.

"As is fashionable these days, we turn up late. Which, as is increasingly often the case, is a real shame - the Zodiac is rammed, there's some serious ROCK business happening and it's all we can do to fight our way to the front half in time to see Caliber playing their last two or three songs. I'd have liked to have seen more of Caliber. To label them as solid is to do them a great disservice - 'solid' is normally a euphemism for boring. Or competent-but-characterless. No, when I say that Caliber are solid, I mean the other solid, like powerful, exciting, sonic bulldozers. They are marching to our tables and serving us sizzling fresh punk rock. They are beautiful musical angels come to save us from insipid pop chart puppetry. They are supremely confident and. They. Are. Loving it. And yes, so are we." - Live Review: The Zodiac, Oxford. 25/01/03

"Caliber have stormed onto the Oxford music scene with so much energy it makes you feel in need of a lie-down.."
" Caliber's confidence to take on anything that is thrown in their way makes them more than just a young girl band, -it makes them a good young girl band...... "
-The Word Magazine, March 2002.