Made Of


Track Listing: 

Made Of
Every Single Moment

Release Date: 

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Oxford/London Producer Half Decent: 'Made Of' and 'Every Single Moment'.

Half Decent puts relatable and thought provoking lyrics at the forefront of his eclectic sound. He's a keen observational lyricist mixing that with personal reflections to make him a truly unique artist.

What are you made of? We're all a product of our upbringing, environment and goals. Half Decent's latest single 'Made Of' tackles the subject with punchy wordplay, retro references and the high energy bounce of a club classic to take the listener on a journey through how Half Decent came to be. The futuristic and glitchy production is unexpected yet serves as the perfect backdrop for this latest tour de force.

'Every Single Moment' is a chilled-out coming of age track with simple, abstracted tones, offering a welcome contrast to the braggadocios rap styles that have become stale. Lyrically it's relatable and relaxed over the catchy lo-fi production, with dreamy guitar and vocals evoking that summertime feeling.

After 10 years of releases, Half Decent has tuned into his own identifiable voice that draws influences from artists such as Kano, The Streets and Busta Rhymes.