The Boys: Classfied


Track Listing: 

The Boys (Radio Edit)
The Boys
The Boys (The Frenchman's Club Mix)
The Boys (The Funky Mother's Milk Mix)
The Boys (The Deep Dub Dish)

Release Date: 

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

The Boys Experience' the new EP release from Bath UK singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Lee Christian. 'The Boys Experience' is an EP of variations on a theme. That theme is Garth Ennis’ comic classic The Boys (recently adapted as a TV series) - a tale of corrupt power, intrigue and the bad men that do good work keeping that power in check. It’s no surprise Lee was taken with the book’s bombast, salaciousness and anti-corporate sentiment as it’s a natural fit for his own creative leanings.

“I had read the first chapter when it was out and my brother (who was into a broader range of comics at the time than my cheats-on-marvel-with-batman casual fandom of the medium) lent it to me but somehow never followed through. I recently bought all the volumes after revisiting it and getting addicted. After reading about 90 issues in total, it was the first thing that came to mind when writing a stream of consciousness rap after listening to some Kool Keith in the sun. I put it to some music that I had jammed into my computer the day after my birthday this year and went about shaping it into something more cohesive in my spare time, resulting in the various mixes and the main song itself. It’s one of the saving graces of the modern digital age for musicians that we can share a new song so immediately, while it’s still fresh and relevant.”

Mixing up Prince, Nine Inch Nails, The Prodigy and even some old school electro hip-hop vibes in the mix, Lee continues to establish his unique sound while riding the cultural zeitgeist with gratuitous aplomb.