The Meaning of Life


Track Listing: 

The Unbearable Heaviness Of Being
A Waste Of My Time
Wedding Bells
Poppin' Out Babies!
Life Like A Vacuum
Grow Up
Must Be More To Life
I'm Not Telling
The Dream Stealers
The Answer(s)
Life Here On Earth
No Obituary

Release Date: 

Friday, August 5, 2016

Ace (Skunk Anansie guitarist/producer) - “Lee Christian is one of my fave lyricists!"
Brando Palomino Bronzino (creator of The Rock 'n' Roll Hall Of Fame) – “Lee, u r pure genius"

After 4 unique albums in as many years, a couple of EP’s and numerous other projects including remixes (for acts as diverse as Akira The Don, Shinichi Osawa and Richard Walters/Liu Bei) and directing, acting and sound tracking his own short slasher film/mixtape, Lee Christian has decided to step out from his recent internet screen confines into the real world to bring his message to the people, so The Meaning Of Life? (one of two albums planned for this year) is released Sep 9th.
A sumptuous smorgasbord of styles and sonic terrain, the album is held together conceptually and lyrically by a whistle stop tour of life’s landmarks and defining moments with wry commentary and a certain amount of disregard. Lee juggles rock, trip hop, electro-pop, retro-pop, piano ballads, jazz elements and even world music as he incorporates the sound of trumpets, oriental stringed instruments, steel drums and a sitar (the very same that George Harrison learnt on) into a psychedelic blend inspired by everyone from The Beatles to Bowie to Beck and beyond. Aside from a few guests, he has written, performed and produced everything on the album and vocally speaking the range is no less impressive - baritone to falsetto and everything in between.