Just A Lil' Session


Track Listing: 

Graveyard Shift
Witch Song (feat. Half Decent)
Hey, Icarus! + Kitten

Release Date: 

Monday, October 31, 2016

A session from the vaults!
Recorded at Fat Lil's in Witney, Oxfordshire and mixed by Tim Lovegrove.
Mastered and edited by Lee Christian & MixGenius for LANDR.

Lee Christian - Vocals
Grace Williams - Vocals
Tim Croston - Keyboards
Chris White - Electric Guitar
Josh Benfield - Acoustic Guitar
Ian Budd - Bass
Saif Khan - Drums
Guest rap on WITCH SONG by Half Decent.
(WHAT WE WERE LIKE is available on Half Decent's Quickfix Recordings release PIECES OF LIFE).