Smokers' Die Younger


Track Listing: 

Blues Song
Witch Song
Sitting Duck
Just Can't Fucking Deal
Iedetic Sensor-Fit

Release Date: 

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Catalogue Number: 


“Like some post-punk anarcho-collective discovering John Coltrane” – Nightshift
“Like a mushroom ingesting cult pretending to be Kid Creole and the Coconuts” –

The Prohibition Smokers Club are a loose collective of musicians based around Lee Christian as an outlet for his writing, instrumental and production skills and an alternative to the heavy rocking of his other band Smilex...

Pulling together players and singers both known and newcomer from all over the county’s broad music scene and influences as diverse as blues, jazz, soul, pop, folk, psychedelia and dub. ‘Smokers’, as they are more colloquially known, have just released debut album ‘ A Clearing...’ through Quickfix recordings via I-tunes (with all profits going to cancer charities) – a veritable smorgasbord of sounds including, trivia fans; sitar, banjolele and jazz acoustic that once belonged to one George Harrison, no less! Add to this drums, acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitar, pianos, keyboards, synths, organs, flute, violins, saxophones, trumpets, melodica, varied exotic percussion and something called an ewi (electronic wind instrument) and it’s a heady cocktail of spirited performances and musical juices! Here’s what a couple of reviews have said about ‘A Clearing...’ so far:

“The best stuff here is seriously sweet – the seductive organ hum of ‘Hey, Icarus!’, the laissez-faire but perfectly pretty ‘Kitten’ and the ghostly gothic country blues of ‘The Graveyard Shift’ in particular...‘A Clearing’ rewards repeated listening...” – Nightshift

“ A cheerful, relaxed record in which most contributors emerge with credit... the enduring tone of the album is respectful, good-mannered collaboration, egos left at the door.”
"I found that very relaxing...the sound of the sea...the French...she could have been singing about anything - it doesn't matter, it's a romantic language -it's the language of love! hopefully I'll get to play more of them in future shows!" BBC Introducing (Oxford)

As well as receiving praise and support from BBC Introducing... who played both ‘The Failed Escape’ and ‘Witch Song’ in spite of it’s risqué lyrics and The Oxford Mail who were the first at a PSC gig and compared them to Talking Heads, no less!