Beg For It


Release Date: 

Friday, March 22, 2002

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“Smilex are a full on rock assault forcing Lee's tales of bedroom fantasies down your throat until you pass out or puke.” Ollie Clueit Drowned In Sound 2002

“Smilex are turning into the one-band riot Oxford has needed for years” Nightshift Magazine 2002

Based around frontman, songwriter and producer (MBICR and Caliber) Lee Christian .T. Smilex got together on little more than a mutual love of Guns ‘N’ Roses and P.V.C in the new year of 2002 and the next day recorded the trashy debut E.P ‘Beg For It’ (sample enclosed).

Opening track ‘Beg for it’ is an explicitly obvious tribute to S&M, haunted by the addition of a monologue from a neighbour muse, Emily of Meanwhile back In Communist Russia. The second track, ‘She Won’t Get Out Of Bed’ is a masked tale of overdoses and necrophilia, and track three an ode to everyday joys such as ‘P.V.C!’

After a year of sporadic appearances supporting bands such as The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster, Jet Plane Landing, Dustball and The Rock Of Travolta as well as an explosive set at this years Truck Festival Smilex have quickly built up a fantastic reputation live.

Taking their cues from energy of Iggy, the filth of Manson, the sex of Prince and the charm of the Joker; Smilex can only encourage you to go with a smile, its either that or they’ll reach for the laughing gas. –by Paul Bonham Truck Records