Smilex Vs Oxford

Various Artists

Track Listing: 

Quickfix Vs Boywithatoy
Sex 4 Sale Vs The Evenings
Kidz Klub 666 Vs The Gentleman Distortionist
She Won't Get Out Of Bed Vs The Young Knives
Spike My Drink Vs The Monroe Transfer
Pennies From A Pigskin Purse Vs AllYouMiss
Spike My Drink Vs Clopster
Noize! Vs Sunnyvale Noise Sub-element
Spike My Drink Vs Youthmovie Soundtrack Strategies
My Madonna Whore Vs DJ Juicy
P.V.C Vs The Beta Prophecy
The Time Of Our Lives (2005) By Smilex

Release Date: 

Thursday, December 8, 2005

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Smilex are a great rock‘n’roll band - plain and fucking simple - like all your favourite rock ‘n’roll bands but for NOW, not some fashionable year in the last century: guitar, bass, drums, vocals, riffs, hooks, blood, sweat, dirt, sex, drugs, violence and MORE SEX!
Following on from two E.P’s on Quickfix Recordings and a split single with The Young Knives on Hanging With The Cool Kids Smilex release their remix album 'Smilex Vs Oxford’ with all profits from the sales of the release being given to the local charity: Oxford Children's Hospital campaign 'Little People Big Needs'. A remix album with a purpose...

A continuous, flowing record compiling Smilex's Quickfix Recordings back catalogue in remixed form, it kicks off as it means to continue with the sculptor of this album, boywithatoy's frenzied breakbeat version of the previously unreleased old live favourite 'Quickfix'. The album brings together a diverse mix of established oxford electronic acts - see the evenings hilarious helium re-hash of 'Sex 4 Sale' or Sunnyvale Noise Sub-element's epic journey to the centre of ' Noize', unknown bedroom artists - check out Clopster's stunning 'Spike My Drink' mix is one of the highlights of the set and the Gentleman Distortionist's happy-hardcore twist on 16 second long 'Kidz Klub 666' - and first-time re-mixes from the cream of local bands - excellent debuts in the form of The Young Knives' eurodisco take on 'She Won't Get Out of bed' , AllYouMiss' industrial stomp all over 'Pennies from a Pigskin Purse' or Youthmovie Soundtrack Strategies intense reworking of 'Spike My Drink'. Rounded off with Smilex's own oceanic re-recording of 'The Time of Our Lives', this album displays some of the finest electronica Oxford has to offer and paints a very different picture of "the one band riot oxford has needed for years" (Nightshift).