Rag Queen


Track Listing: 

Rag Queen

Release Date: 

Friday, June 11, 2021

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TVSEXDEATH are Vocalist/Guitarist/Songwriter Josh Davis (previously of nerve-shredding hardcore band Endamori with releases on underground label Zegema Beach Records) more than ably supported by Bassist Bret James and Drummer Craig V. They formed in 2019 and quickly got to rehearsing, gigging and recording with respected local
producer Eliot Virula in their hometown of Nashville, TN, only to have their momentum halted by a sudden pandemic. Now it’s time to get things back on track.

TVSEXDEATH have their roots in a soup of punk and rock subgenres spanning as far back as late 60s psychedelic rock through 70’s New York no-wave & art-rock via mid 80’s post-punk, death rock, hardcore and proto-grunge all the way up to early-mid 90s alternative rock. These inspirations are all smashed together with passion and fury on a forthcoming debut on Quickfix Recordings. Rag Queen is the first song the band recorded, so it’s a fitting introduction to their sound… Crank it up.