Let's Get Going... You're Fracturing Me With This Misery


Track Listing: 

Give Infinity For, Or Leave The Building
Certainly If Anything Is Going To Fall From The Sky It Ought To Be Rain
The If Works

Release Date: 

Wednesday, October 1, 2003

Catalogue Number: 


This 5-track mini-album was the debut release by Youthmovie Soundtrack Strategies.
Produced by the 5-track mini-album was recorded by Jaime Stuart from Dive Dive, produced by Ant Theaker of Hope of the States & Sam Williams (Supergrass).

“Blasts of cathartic noise mingle menacingly with brooding soundscapes, disturbing spoken-word samples rest uneasily on a sharp, technicolour canopy of feedback, drone and nerve-chilling atmospherics. This is both intelligent and cathartic, spooky and calming, and serves as a potent reminder that instrumental music can be defiantly the most moving of all.”-KKKK

"With loops and samples, stammering and stampeding through lush harmonies that wash over you with shards of excellence and thunderous cacophonies thrashing your sorry souls with cake tins and murmurs through what are certainly not youth movie soundtracks" DrownedinSound

Limited 500 CD sold out.