Monthly Singles Club

Monthly Subscribers Digital Singles Club

Hear brand new, unheard songs by the best underground musicians in the world sent to you exclusively on the first of each month, a whole month before the stream!
Exclusive performances and bonus tracks galore plus other membership benefits.
Only £10/$15 each year! (Offer for first 100 subscribers only; £15/$20 after 100 subs)
To sign up please send subscription fee via PayPal (put ‘singles club’ in description)

Want some exciting new music sent right to your inbox each and every month? Want to find awesome new artists without trawling through the internet or relying on the ‘taste’ of corporations that would just as soon sell you a fizzy drink or headphones? Want to be part of a music loving, artist friendly community who genuinely care about music and how it is produced and sold? Want to know you did your bit to help new artists get exposure they struggle to find? Quickfix have eyes and ears all over the internet and beyond, reaching out to the most exciting new artists and talented veterans of the underground music scene who are making amazing music but not getting the exposure they deserve. Music fans need to surf an ocean of music to find them with no map other than that provided by streaming services with a big business outlook, closed door policy for new artist exposure and zero interest in artist development. Who has the time even? We have devised this scheme, inspired by the old punk and indie 7” singles club from the past and giving it a post-modern twist in an effort to find a sustainable way of working with the many great artists we find and bringing them to a wider audience, while making that audiences’ listening experience more exciting, fun and satisfying.

Membership Benefits:
General Singles Club (£15/$20 per year):
1. A brand new single in the file of your choice 1st of every month for each year!
2. Quarterly bonus tracks from Quickfix roster and associated acts.
3. Monthly exclusive online events (some events are affected by cover sadly but we try)
4. Welcome Digital Gift Pack featuring a dozen songs form the Quickfix catalogue.
5. Digital Membership Card which is automatically a monthly free prize sweepstake.
100 club (1st 100 subs - £10/$15 for the whole year!)
All benefits listed above as well as:
6. Free and/or exclusive advance access to Quickfix limited products and events/perks.
7. A digital birthday present from Quickfix. (If you want to tell us your birthday, that is!)
8. An exclusive 100 club Quickfix Digital Membership Card valid for extra bonuses.
9. Discounted yearly re-subscription rate.
10. Increased priority treatment as Quickfix grows and expands its products & activities.
Plus, the satisfaction of knowing you are part of something cool, progressive and
supporting new music in a very tangible way! Thanks for being part of our new initiative!

To sign up please send subscription fee via PayPal (put ‘singles club’ in description)

How it works:
Subscribers get one brand new song by a different artist on the first of every month and invited to exclusive subscriber only performances and events.
Over the month, the artists get the full promotional backing of Quickfix (funded by the subscribers) and their associated radio and press plugging & PR companies, with a digital download release and streaming by the end of that month. Subscribers also receive exclusive bonus songs, remixes and collaborations from Quickfix and associated acts throughout the year and as cover relaxes far more. Our aim is to refocus attention on artists making inventive new music without worries of fitting into the narrow confines of the modern music business, with its costly mechanisms and unrealistic expectations. We want to build an online musical community where music lovers get awesome extras, events and are reintroduced to that crucial element of surprise - all while being part of an artist-friendly movement much bigger than any one of us. We really appreciate you being part of our new club!

Just a one payment yearly fee (£10/$15 for the first 100 subscribers, then £15/$20!)
To sign up please send subscription fee via PayPal (put ‘singles club’ in description)

Q: What if I join after the year has started?
A: The Digital Singles Club begins on Jan 1st each year and anyone joining after then
will receive a backdated copy of all the singles already released that year upon joining.
Q: What file formats are the songs sent in?
A: The singles will be sent via a link in an email as HD Wav or Wav files plus an Mp3 -
please let us know via the email address if you would prefer another format or method.
Please Note: You are signing up to a 12 month contract. You have 14 days to cancel.
The cancellation period ends at the end of 14 days after the day on which the contract
is entered into. Cancellations in writing please to quickfixmanagement @