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January Artist No.1: Tash Caesar ‘Human’

Tash Caesar

Hailing from Exotic South-East London, Vocalist-bassist Tash Caesar makes grungey funk music.However, tragically born with a rare phobia of boxes, for health reasons
her music cannot be put into a box. She believes that “music should be many shapes, not to be looked at but to be experienced and never as pretentious as this sentence”. Her
album ‘The 13th’ was one of our favourite releases of last year and her work with Half Decent and Lee Christian has been wonderful, so we are very excited to have her as the inaugural artist for this project.

Tash Caesar could never escape music. South-East London born of a StLucian/Grenadian background. Raised in a household with each room blaring out into her receptive eardrums the various genres from; Reggae, Gospel R&B to rock and funk. As a reflex action at the age of 13 began writing her own songs and recording them in her hi-tech studio (Cassette player and tape ) in the garden shed. All whilst dreaming that one day she would make it as a Vet. This was clearly not meant to be. The musical magnetic pull was upon her. Free is what she aims to be as an independent artist working with other like minded artists . Not based on their name-dropping potential or how many followers they have but for genuine love of how they express their art. Now, as well as being Vocalist/Bassist for the band The Giving Style she continues to work on her solo projects releasing the single 'Distance/ The Chosen Ones'. Still, in the shed in back garden which she calls 'The Afrotreehouse” she has finally given up on all her delusional dreams of a life not based on creativity. Music is her reality, she has no choice. “I am a writer (In practice) I am a musician (In Practice) I am a Human being (still in practice)"- Tash Caesar.

Credits for ‘Human’ by Tash Caesar
Written and produced by - Tash Caesar
Bass &Vox - Tash Caesar
Special FX- Benja Brozel
Guitar- Adam Gibbard
© & ℗ - Tash Caesar/Quickfix Recordings

February/Artist No.2: The Sexy Wild East ‘Banksy Moon’.

THE SEXY WILD EAST are a 2 Piece Electronic Punk band based in Budapest, Hungary. Neil Hanson, an exiled stalwart of the Leeds music scene and singer in political-punk-rock Tom Robinson favourites Kleine Schweine and mysterious Chester-born chimp-man Finlay McLauchlan, met in a scuzzy underground Budapest boozer, bonded over cheap, strong Pálinka and began to make music together towards the end of 2019. The duo also came from different musical places:
Neil, who has played with The Buzzcocks, Stiff Little Fingers, Bow Wow Wow, Goldblade and at countless UK festivals and gigs across Europe (Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Greece, Turkey, Slovakia etc), loves The Pogues, Pixies, Gogol Bordello and a whole host of aggro-punk (plus of course the bands you hear praised in ‘Banksy Moon’). While Finlay loves Kanye West, Skrillex, Post Malone and Frank Ocean and quite potentially, bananas. This meeting of very different minds and styles has led to a unique concoction that, in keeping with their geographical story, lands in a totally different place entirely with unexpected & pleasing results! 2020’s self-recorded and self-released debut Ranting & Raving is a harsh but fair critique of the British and US leaders’ ineptitude and personality flaws. Its standout debut single Donald Trump is an Arsehole has won 'The Angry Pet Shop Boys' fans all over the world. Follow-up single 'A Statue of Paddington Bear', a jovial tongue-in-cheek rant about the statue lovers of Great Britain, was released at the end of 2020… Now, in a shocking about-turn, new single for Quickfix Recordings ’Digital Singles Club, Banksy Moon - they urge you to “Turn the news off and get your rocks of”… sounds like a plan!

Credits for ‘Banksy Moon’ by The Sexy Wild East
Written, performed and recorded by
Neil Hanson & Finlay McLauchlan
Mixed & Mastered by Oliver Mossop
Artwork - Jo Hanson