Bad Vibes Monthly

Lee from Smilex & Quickfix Recordings adds another string to his bow... bringing an exciting brand new comic project 'Bad Vibes Monthly' distributed by theodicy comics, creators and general house of big, bold ideas with a little budget and a lot of heart.

On May 4th - Free Comic Book Day - Don’t forget to pick up the awesome new taster issue edition of Bad Vibes Monthly!!! As an ‘anthology comic’ it is stuffed to the brim with fresh ideas and new characters to fall for - collecting together a rag tag bunch of new talent and a few names that hardcore fans might recognise, to create a smorgasbord of visual delights to stimulate your brain .
For example, lead story Devil In the Detail, written by Daniel Whiston (2000AD, Neroy Sphinx) and lavishly illustrated by newcomer Douglas Howard, is a path deep into the heart of darkness by way of some close contact familial demonic possession - visually or literally, it pulls no punches! A potential indie comic classic in the making. Or maybe you would prefer a sci-fantasy epic set in a world without metal or aesthetic beauty? The Plastic People Eater is drawn by student artist Clara De Rambures - not that one could tell she’s not a master of her field - this far-flung future dystopia is beautifully rendered as writers Lee Christian and Natasha Skelton navigate their way through this inventive universe full of memorable characters and creatures the likes of which you have never seen! It even comes with its own soundtrack - expect a song a chapter from this, the book’s other regular serialised monthly story!
Lee Christian also writes the semi-regular story The Deadbeats which takes place in a world populated by horror creatures coexisting among humans. It is illustrated with incredible character and humour by Andrew Richmond. Lee’s riotous rock band Smilex have woken themselves out of hiatus status to provide the songs for a bunch of zombie high school punk rockers who decide to form the titular band in an attempt at world domination, via a Halloween ball Battle Of The Bands.
There’s tease for the story in the new issue...

Also just a tease from near-legendary British comic book artist Phil Elliott in the form of a poster for The Dummy, a new spooky, satirical one-off story from journalist/writer Michael Powell. Then there’s a curiously diverse selection of one page comic strips: Omega 2.0 : Space Canteen is a cute and cuttingly humoured slice of life from Natasha Skelton about canteen staff on a massive space station, which sounds about as glamorous as it turns out to be! No less fun though, lovingly hand-drawn by the enigmatically named Lux Vex. Kenba - Galaxy Cop - is a hilarious regular strip from AE Double about a hero who just can’t quit - well, more to the point no one seems to let him, whether it be potential new employers, or his clingy fans or obsessed villains. This issue has just an introduction to what should be a total riot! Being by Nate Evans is quite unlike any other shorts - it’s pensive, ironic & esoteric all at once! That’s just a taste of what’s to come as theodicy line up the first few months of entertainment for you!

We'd tell you about the other exciting people getting involved and stories to come but we don’t want to give the game away too soon, do we now? Rest assured it’s going to be worth a read!

Bad Vibes Monthly intends to be a bit of a platform for underground artists and writers, so are always open to submissions as they grow their ideas on how they can do an even better job of thrilling you all!