Faith In Fairytales


Track Listing: 

The Easy Way
As Lines Blur
The Rundown

Release Date: 

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Catalogue Number: 


After just a few fervent live explorations, they made 'The First Touch EP', their virgin recordings, with Quickfix producer Lee Christian (The Rock of Travolta, Meanwhile Back in Communist Russia). This demo quickly gained them a great reputation as the city's newest and best purveyors of dark, melodic, serrated pop rock ("Killing Beauty" was one of the highlights of that season's compilation) and a strong following through local radio and rock club airplay.
The next year was spent honing their live act - supporting the likes of Kasabian, Chikinki, King Adora and The Glitterati - and cohesifying their sound through a wealth of new material, the best of which were lovingly recorded in the start of 2005 in the serene snowscape of the Stratford countryside, produced by Lee Christian and Rich Haines (Supergrass, Radiohead) and audio-sweetened by Fran Ashcroft (Blur/Gorillaz, the Dandy Warhols) and released in May 2005. From the enticing Blondie-esque classic pop opening of "The Easy Way" to the dynamic, epic closing of "The Rundown", the record reveals an intoxicating blend of enchanting melodies, pop sensibilities, desolate majesty and impassioned heartfelt alt-rock that leaves the listener beguiled.

"Some nicely sinister basslines, alternately choppy and chiming guitars and a lulling, dreamy vocal."